I have difficulty to connect on the server which is with my TT522W-PRO, Please help.


I have difficulty to connect on the server on my pc, when connect the TT52W-PRO. The message i have it’s “server cannot identify”.

Thank you.

Asked on 2 years ago.

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    Greetings from Titathink.

    My name is Taylor, I’m glad to assist you.

    First of all, for the IP address link does only work when the camera is directly connected to PC via an ethernet cable. The connection must be as follows:

    If your TT522PW-PRO is connected to router, just like the followings:

    Even you were trying to visit it via on your PC browser. It will always fail and get the error message “server cannot identify”. If your camera is working on the above connection method, the correct way to visit the camera is:

    1. Install the Camera Live software on your computer.
    2. Open Camera Live software and go Setup->Search, the camera will be found and then highlight it and click on “Browse” button.
    3. It will redirect you to correct link.
    4. You can learn more the connection method at this article: three ways to access camera’s web interface

    Hope that helps, should you need more helps, please reply in this topic.

    Thank you,
    Taylor, Titathink team.

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  2. Due to we don’t hear from you for a while, so this topic will be closed, if you need to follow up this question, please ask a new question. Thank you for discussing in Titathink Support Communities.

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