My camera will not connect to my wifi it keeps saying incorrect password

?Joshua Santiago

I have been trying to connect my camera to my Wifi for over an hour using my Password and it keeps saying that the password is incorrect…If I cannot get this to sync I will return product.

Asked on 4 years ago.

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  1. Hi Joshua Santiago,

    Thanks for your email and sorry for the problem, please don’t worry as we will solve it in your favor.

    We would like to request you to refer following information to check the problem first.

    First of all, please make sure the WiFi is not 5Ghz bands, because the camera is only able to work over 2.4Ghz WiFi network.

    Regarding to your problem, it may be caused by the WiFi connection failed. To solve this problem, please see following steps:
    1, Please use the provided pow er supply to power your camera when you set up the camera to hook up to your wifi. Because if your camera power by the battery, when the bettery power is lacking,
    the wifi module of the camera may not work properly. so we s trongly recommend you use the provided power adapter to powe r the camera when you going to set up your camera wifi conne ction.

    2. Please increase the volume of your phone, and put the phone closer to the rear side of the camera when phone broadcase the sound wave.

    3, In order to ensure the Wi-Fi signal strong enough and the Wi-Fi signal are not interfer ed , please move your camera c lose to your Wi-Fi router, The range within 5 meters is recommended. And please make sure the WiFi password and the WiFi name don’t have specific character like #^&*$ and so on.

    4, Reset the camera for clearing the wrong setting. Connect the provided power supply to the camera, turn the power switch to the ON position and wait about 1 minute, when you hear a music thre e times that means
    your camera works without any WiFi network, if there is no music playing, it means the cam era is working with previous W iFi network (It could be the f actory’s wifi). Then Please ke ep long pressing
    the RESET button about 10 seco nds, then release the button a nd wait for the camera to sing “Ping” or “Dong”, after you hearing “Ping” or “Dong”, please waiting for the camera rebooting, after 1 minute it will sing a short music three times,
    it means your reset operation has been successfully. This w as done in order to clear the camera before setting and let the camera back to the origin al factory settings.

    Run the app “Lizvie”on your sm art phone, add the camera and configure the wifi connection, Please note that the wifi SSI D and password are the same with your smart phone.

    5, If the camera still fail to connect your wifi, and you ar e sure the wifi password is no problem. Mostly because of y ou smart phone’s wifi hardware can’t work well with your wifi router 11b gn mode. There are two ways t o slove this problem,
    (1), Alter your router Wi-fi m ode from 11bgn mode to 11bg mo de. By accessing the router’s interface –> go to Wireless Setup page –> Alter the WiFi- mode.
    (2), Use others smart phone to configure the camera wifi set ting.

    If you don’t want to alter you r router Wi-fi mode, we recomm end you use other smart phone to set the camera, because not all smart phone has this prob lem.
    Once the camera can connect t o your wifi, you can add the c amera to your smart phone by u sing Add camera “Lan addition” function.

    Note: If your router is NETGEA R, most NETGEAR router work on higher speed data rate transm issions in default setting(UP TO 600M), The Netgear router can not automatically adjust the data rate to match to the clock camera, so the clock camera alway says failure WiFi connection. In this case, a modification for Netgear router
    is necessary. Just alter the M ode to 54Mbps to let clock cam era to match, after the camera matched the data rate and con nected to router successfully, clock camera will not care the data rate speed of the router,
    so you can change it back to 6 00Mbps. more information about how to set up the camera work with your NETGEAR Router plea se refer to the article,
    the link is http://support. ifi-connection-problem-clock-c amera-tt531wn-router-netgear/

    Please take a try and if the problem still remains, please kindly let me know the result and your router model, so I can assist you with another solution.
    Have a nice day

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    • @Mary Tang: Hello I bought 3 of you pc530 cameras they set up in 30 seconds. I m trying to add 1 more and it keep saying wrong password I have followed all info I have found nothing works. This is the 3rd camera I replaced and it still won’t work.

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      • @stanley twardosz: Hi Stanley.

        We almost missed your question, please don’t comment here and please post your question as new topic in order to let us notice it in fastest way.

        It seems you have problem with your camera TT531WN, could you please kindly let us know what is the model name/brand of router/modem you are own? Due to the camera doesn’t work with 5Ghz wifi bands, so please don’t try to connect the camera to 5Ghz wifi as well.

        Awaiting your response.

        Best regards,
        Gary Xu

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      • @stanley twardosz: It means Internet password not ur camera password

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  2. Keep saying wrong password

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  3. You covered this article very nicely, if you are looking to reset your Netgear router password then Thanks for posting article..keep posting always

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  4. Thanks for posting article..keep posting always… i have hired Router Error Code for this issue & got best solution from them.

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  5. In the “Victure home” app on Android I have to enter my ssid/password.

    My ssid is “tuple-2.4G” (no special char here)

    Then I have to enter my wifi password. But once I enter more than 31 characters in the field password I get the error “incorrect password”. If I enter 31 chars (or less) then the password is accepted and I get a QR code to scan.

    Problem is that my wifi password is more than 31 chars.

    No what ?

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