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I am here in Canada and have the camera installed in a nursing home to record elderly abuse from my father. There is no wifi in the room, but it is recording motion (alarm setting) onto a sd card. Now when I replay the files onto my desktop computer I have no sound. What should I do to get it? We had some bad videos with staff abusing my father and sound would be very important for police. Please check and let me know how to fix that. I have windows10PRO and try to watch clips with media player, but no sound. Lizvie app version is 1.0.31……. Please help  Thank you very much for your help.      Rolf Bodmer, Toronto, Canada

Asked on 2 years ago.

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  1. Hi Rolf Bodmer,

    Thanks for your email and we are glad to serve you.

    1,If there is no sound on your video. Please reset your camera by pressing the reset button about 5 seconds till you hear the camera to sing “DONG”, after you hearing “DONG”, please wait for the camera rebooting, after 1 minute it will sing a chimethree times. Then delete the camera you added before, then re-add the camera like the first time you added before.

    2, If it still doesn’t work, please put your camera to a wifi room and connect it to the Lizvie app on your phone. Then follow the steps below to enable the sound.

    3, Once you enabled the sound, you can put the camera back to your room without wifi.

    Please be patient to take a try and if you have any further questions, please let us know.
    Have a nice day

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