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  1. Hello Emilio, 
    Thank you so much for checking with us. Yes, the TT522PW can stream video in a MJPEG format with a URL. You can get this URL by accessing the web application of camera. 

    1. Please access the web application.
    2. Please go to “Setting”–>”Camera”–>”Stream Setup”–>Click the blue URL “Primary Stream” to see all URLs. You can refer to this article. 

    And you can put the lens unit of TT522PW into saltwater tank, please note that don’t put the main unit nearer to water due to it’s non-waterproof. Meanwhile, you can not place the lens unit to water where is greater than 1 meter(3 feet). Because the hydraulic pressure is too heavy that will break the lens unit. 
    Hope that helps. Any further question please kindly let us know.
    Have a nice day, 
    Best regards,
    Your team, Titathink.

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