TT522PW and AnyScene App have worked for a few years. Recently the camera stopped working and says “ Offline!”


Good day. Our Tita Think cam TT522PW and AnyScene App have worked for a few years. Recently the camera stopped working and says “ Offline!” It is saying camera not found. However when I try to add it again, it says warning this camera already exists.

I have tried powering off the cam, powering off the WiFi router, then turning these back on. Then I tried pressing test button for 10 seconds. Nothing has worked. Please help! Thank you

Asked on 6 months ago.

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  1. Greetings from Titathink.

    We’re so sorry for any inconvenience caused by the camera.
    My name is Terry, I am glad to assist you for this problem.

    I understand what problem you are meeting and appreciate the details you provided.

    You had tried to restart the WiFi router , so I believe the problem is not matter to router itself. I guess your camera lost the connection to the router. You did a correct operation already, because you had have tried to reset the camera. But I request you to do more additional work after you reset the camera.

    1. Please shut down the camera and take out the camera cable from CAM port and rep lug it again.
    2. Please reset the camera again. Power on the camera and waiting for the indicated light of camera being flashing. find the RESET button on camera main unit and press it and hold 10 seconds at least , then release the button, you will see the indicated light turns off. Please wait the light to be lighted again.
    3. If you reserve the quick guide of camera, you need to follow the guide to set up the camera again. Because the camera has been set to default settings, all of your settings like WiFi settings was erased.

    If you lost the guide, please see following steps:

    • A. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the camera LAN port to your WiFi router.
    • B. Open ANYSCENE app and delete the original camera from app, then enable your phone is connected to your WiFi router.
    • C. Click + icon and then tap “scan local network “ or “ search” to find the camera, if it can be found , tap the listed camera to go ahead, if not, please kindly let me know.

    Please take a try first. Any further we can do, please kindly let us know.

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  2. Sorry it a private answer.

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