TT522PW-S false motion detection due to very short image inconsistency

?Gert Bogaert

Dear Titathink

Once an a while (3 to 4 times/hour) part of the video image is inconsistent, e.g. the bottom part shows part of the top of the image, …. This disrupted image (which lasts only one (or a few frames)) is sufficient to consider is a a motion detection. This not only generates additional files but also makes is harder to review files to find “real” motion detection (esp since I used snapshots and not the whole video footage to investigate.

Any help would be appreciated.


Asked on 3 years ago.

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  1. Hello Gert,

    Thank you for your question, also please accept our sincere apologies for the responsing delays during the host data upgrading.

    Regarding to the problem you description, first of all, could you please let us know which camera model you are own? It’s really important to us to troubleshoot the probable cause.

    Now we have a preliminary conjecture for the problem, it seems that the lens has an error while it was transmitting the video data. Please check the environment around the camera to avoid there has strong magnetic device. If your camera is belong to covert cameras, please replug the lens unit and reset once for the host unit.

    Please let us know the camera model if you see the answer. Thank you.

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  2. Dear Titathink

    As mentioned in the subject of my question, the model of the camera is a TT522pw-s. The lens-part of the cable is mounted in a plastic box against a wall, nearest (passive) metal part (metal tube) is at least 20 cm away from the lens part. The electronics of the camera is also mounted against a wall, with only power supply cables in the direct environment If I had to take a guess it seems that the processor is not always capable to process the image sufficiently fast enough, perhaps due to other activities ?
    You help is appreciated !
    (and sorry for my late reply, due to loaded agenda)

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  3. Hello Gert,
    Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. Now the possibility of Strong magnetic interference is excluded, in order to do a further troubleshooting, we would like to know the status of live feed, do you see the problem when you see the live feed with your phone? 
    In our experience, the issue you described may be caused by the following cases:

    1. lens unit is overheating.
    2. lens cable is damaged.
    3. The network became poor to cause camera to lose frames when camera tried to transmit video data to viewing device.

    If the live feed of camera is normally, the case 1 and case 2 should be excluded. Based on this point, we will like to request you to send us some videos or snapshots to our email box, so we will troubleshoot further to provide a proper solution to you.
    Thank you for cooperation with us.
    Best regards,
    Titathink customer service team.

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  4. Dear Titathink customer service team

    The live feed and stored footage shows the same problem, so I think cause 1 or 2 cannot be ruled out. I already checked (manually, no measurement) the lens temperature and this seems OK (Also, lens is outside and temperature is actually about 10C, so probably no cooling issues). A first inspection of the cable makes me think that your second suggestion is more probable. I will do a more thorough investigation (no easy access) and eventually open and fix suspicious part of the cable.
    Could you also give me a price indication if I would like to replace the cable instead of repairing it (I don’t know if is it replaceable without replacing the lens) ?
    I already want to thank you very much for your very kind support. Can serve as an example of many camera suppliers !

    Gert Bogaert

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  5. Dear Gert,
    You’re always welcome, also thank you for your helpful feedback. To repair the lens cable will need some indispensable tools, so we suggest you to do a lens unit replacement. The price of this replacement should be evaluated according to your order information. It would be free or need a little few fee. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by camera.
    In order to protect your privacy so please send your order number to our support email address at Based on your order information, we will provide you a proper solution. Thank you for cooperation with us. 
    Have a nice day,
    Best regards,
    Your team, Titathink.

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