TT531WN-PRO doesn\’t connect to WIFI 2.4 anymore



After 1 year i moved to other place. Now the TT531WN-PRO doesn\’t connect to my 2.4 WIFI anymore.

I resetted it to factory settings as mentioned in book (power on, wait 1 minute, then press RESET button untill BEEP, then wait other 20 seconds till 3 times sound) and then try to connect to WIFI, but the red Light goes off after that.

The red light only is on between the BEEP and the 3 times sound, after that it goes off and only blue light is blinking.

Is it broken? How to proceed further?

Asked on 2 years ago.

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  1. I also resetted the router (Amplifi HD) 3 times, but also it keeps saying could not connect. It fails every time.

    The WIFI password is correct, and im using the 2.4GHZ

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  2. Hi Maikel,Thanks for your email sorry for the problem. For the problem, if the  blue light is blinking., it means the camera has no problem. The read light goes off,  the problem may be caused by your router. Would you please let us know you use the same router or different one. If it’s the same router, please go to your router webpage and change the wi-fi mode to bgn. Also please refer to the link below to change the wifi settings if your router needed. for your understanding and efforts in advance.We are here waiting for your kindly replyHave a nice dayMary

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  3. Hello Mary,

    Thank you very much! The problem is solved i had a new router indeed.


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