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?William Cely

My TT520PW camera was working remotely, even out of the country I could pick up the feed in the states. I removed and replaced the SD card and now after a lot of re-setting up I have everything working except the remote.

When connected to the router it works fine. There is a valid WiFi connection. The “Local” is the SD card is re-formatted and valid.

What happened? The camera has a blue dot but when I go to the video the screen is dark with the continuous circle going around and around waiting for the feed.

Asked on 4 years ago.

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  1. Dear William,
    Thanks for checking with us. Regarding to the problem you mentioned, there are two probable cause. Please check them by referring to following information.

    1. The Lens Unit has failed connected to the Main Unit. The connection might be loose when you replaced the SD card. So the feed can not be handled by main unit so that you got a black screen. In order to solve this problem, please shutdown the camera, then re-plug the the connector of lens unit to main unit’s CAM port. 
    2. The P2P function is unavailable. This problem may be happen when you are not in US and try to access the camera from remote area. You can check the P2P’s status by accessing the web application. See this article https://support.titathink.com/docs/titathink-babelens-camera/setup-via-web-setting-page/4-5-p2p-setup-web-page/  to access the web application, then go to “Setting” –> “System” page –> scroll down to see the P2P’s status. In general, the status should be “Success”. If not, please reboot your router and camera. And please switch your phone network to other one and try. By the way, please be sure your phone download network speed is not less than 150K/s.

    Please take a try, if the above ways can not help you out of the problem, please kindly let us know.
    Best regards, 
    Titathink Team.

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