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How do I add all cameras from two different TT900WK units into the IP Pro app so that they can all be viewed and/or accessed in the same app?


Since each set of cameras are already configured to each NVR, is it just a matter of adding the two NVRs to the app?  Are the TT900WK units able to be discovered automatically by scanning the local network and/or a barcode?


Once set up, can the cameras be viewed remotely via the IP Pro app automatically (without having to do all that port forwarding?)  Does it work in a similar way as the  TT525PW?  Once it was set up I could view it remotely without having to do anything, which was wonderful.




Asked on 2 years ago.

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  1. Hi Robert,

    Greetings from Titathink. Thank you for posting your question here. My name is Taylor, I’m glad to answer your questions, please see each answer below:

    #1: You can add all cameras from different TT900WK unitss to one IP PRO app. The setup process is very easy, see follows:

    1. Before getting started, please prepare a PC displayer for the TT900WK, because you need to do initialized setup for each TT900WK device and get the Cloud ID of each TT900WK, *Cloud ID is an unique number string for every TT900WK, it will come with a QRcode, this QRcode is necessary for adding TT900WK to IP PRO app.
    2. Your PC displayer must have a VGA port or HDMI port, then use a VGA cable or HDMI cable to connect the TT900WK to your PC displayer. Next, you should follow the manual which comes with the package to set up the initialized settings for each TT900WK, the initialized setup is very simple, just follow the setup wizard step by step. After you complete the setup wizard, the 4 pre-configured cameras of each TT900WK will be automatically hooked up to TT900WK via Wi-Fi. Please NOTE that the Cloud ID(QRcode) will appear at the first step of setup wizard. 
    3. Ensure you have finished the initialized setup for each TT900WK unit, next install IP PRO app to your mobile phone, your mobile phone must run with Android or iOS platform.
    4. Now open your IP PRO app, and tap the “+” icon.
    5. Please select the “add recorder” option.
    6. Please tap the [-] icon to pop up QR code scanner, now open your PC displayer and use the mouse to right-click on the screen to wake up the TT900WK’s menu, please select “Setup Wizard” again, as mentioned in Step2, the Could ID contained in the first step of the Setup Wizard, now use the QR code scanner to aim the QRcode, you will be able to add the TT900WK to your IP PRO app.
    7. Repeatly the above steps again to add another TT900WK to your IP PRO app.
    8. You’re done!

    #2: You can add unlimited TT900WK to IP PRO app, so please don’t worry, it will be no problem to add two TT900WK to one IP PRO app. Due to the 4 cameras of a TT900WK have been pre-configured in the factory, so you just need to follow the manual to perform the Setup Wizard and then those 4 cameras will be able to connected to TT900WK, you will be able to see it on PC displayer. And once you follow the steps mentioned in #1, you will get those cameras connected to your IP PRO app.

    #3: Once you follow the manual to finish the TT900WK’s initialized setup, your TT900WK will connect to your router, if your router is Internet access, you will be able to view those cameras remotely, you never need to do any port forwarding operation or other additional operation. Because the cameras support P2P protocol, you can view them on IP PRO app from anywhere.

    Hope that helps, should you have any further question, please feel free to reply here, we’re always at your service.

    Best regards,
    Titathink team.

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