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?High eye

Dear after successfully viewing a video stream using a we browser I tried optimising settings to lower video delay which was initially up to 5 seconds.

I disabled prerecorded time, lowered the image size and bandwith. This way I improved the camera’s latency to about 2 seconds which is for our purpose still beyond usable levels.  The delays mentioned are measured while connecting te camera by cable directly to a destination computer using flash webbouwer, vlc player (rstp stream) and mplayer(known for its minimal video processing /delay).

Can you please provide suggested settings to bring down the video delay to an absolute minimum?

For illustrational purposes our company intents to use your security camera as a fpv camera on an industrial drone. Feel free to have look on our website

Side question: by mistake we were assuming the camera could be connected directly by ethernet(rj45) without need for additional hardware. What is your smallest camera that has a direct ethernet output?

Kind regards

Asked on 3 years ago.

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  1. Hi High eye,

    Thanks for your email and we are glad to serve you.
    For the latency problem, when you lowered the image size, it improved the latency to about 2 seconds. It’s the minimum video delay because the video compressed by H.264 will lost some quality though its size becomes smaller. And H.264 will take a few time to compress the real-time video data, and plus the network delayed, the live footage you see may have 2 seconds time lag. Hope you can understand.

    By the way, we are not sure if you can use your TT522PW as an FPV camera on an industrial drone because the camera needs to work with the main unit together. The camera TT522PW is the smallest camera that has a direct Ethernet net output at the moment if the camera could be connected directly by Ethernet without additional hardware.

    Thanks for your understanding and if you have any further questions, please let us know.
    Have a nice day

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  2. Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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