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  1. Greetings from Titathink. My name is Taylor, I’m a customer service from Titathink team, it’s my pleasure to answer your question.

    I understand what you are concerning, so please let me address the main differences with following lists.

    1. The resolution difference: The TT521PW is an 720P camera, TT525PW is an 1080P camera. large resolution means you can get more details from the video/picture.

    2. The size difference: TT521PW size is 0.79″ x 0.79″ x 0.93″ inches and TT525PW size is 1.1″ x 1.1″ x 1.85″ inches (width x height x depth).

    3. The camera shape: TT521PW uses pinhole camera lens, its lens is tiny, TT525PW uses standard camera lens which can get really shape and clear image quality.

    4. The color of their main unit: TT521PW has a black main unit and TT525PW has a gold color main unit.

    5. The microphone: TT521PW does NOT build in microphone but it has a line-in port for connecting external CCTV microphone. TT525PW built-in a microphone, you can get sound monitoring without preparing any external microphone device.

    6. The view angle: The TT521PW’s viewing angle is 55° x 31° and TT525PW’s viewing angle is 81° x 45°.

    Based on the above main differences, those two cameras has different advantage.

    You also can compare their specification on this page:

    Hope that helps, should you have further question, please kindly let us know, we’re happy to help with.

    Thank you.

    Best regards.
    Taylor W.

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